Local Agriculture

As Rep. Craig Hickman said in his speech at the 2019 Common Ground Fair, “deep down everyone wants to be a farmer”. I support his proposed amendment to the Maine constitution that enshrines an unalienable right of Mainers to grow, raise, harvest, produce and consume the food of their choosing, and to save and exchange seed. The food sovereignty ordinances that Phillips, Anson, and Starks adopted have been transformative for our local food systems. This amendment can be an important step towards making that transformation statewide.

I also support various bills currently in legislative limbo that would end the use of glyphosate (aka Roundup) near schools, evaluate the continued use of glyphosate, and get government out of the way of farmers who want to site solar installations on their USDA-classified farmland. If elected, I would introduce legislation to ban, or at least severely limit, not only the use of glyphosate but certain neonicotinoids that have been linked to the decline in the global bee population. We must protect the rights of Mainers to grow and consume food that is free of dangerous synthetic herbicides and pesticides.