Maine Power

Can you say with a straight face that you’re getting good service from CMP? Even a study for the same firm that consulted for Hydro Quebec as it planned the oh-so-beloved CMP corridor (which I oppose) has shown that a consumer-owned utility would reduce costs for Maine ratepayers. That study, however, assumed the new Maine Power Delivery Authority (MPDA), a privately-owned, not-for-profit entity accountable to Maine ratepayers, would acquire CMP and Emera Maine’s infrastructure at 1.7 times their value, resulting in a short-term rate increase over several years. I support a fairer deal for Maine ratepayers, many of whom are on fixed incomes, that will still result in the savings that only a consumer-owned, tax-exempt utility with access to low-cost capital can provide, and will ensure the decarbonization of Maine’s electric grid. It has been joked that there are two CMP lobbyists for every legislator in Augusta. They will be unanimous in their hatred of this position. I welcome their hatred.